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Mlle Phobes, the Hunslet Hussy, is a much beloved former resident of the Argie Emporium, who is continuing to freelance with MysticMog whilst she sorts out a new career. The chocolate/mocha minx of a lass places great faith in her ability to read the tarot after climbing three shelves to knock the deck over the lava lamp and onto the floor, scattering them across the thick, dark red and white fur covered kashmir rug:

The Aquatic Tarot
kind courtesy of Andreas Schroeder

Feline Fortunes for Samhain until Bonfire Night - Mlle Phoebes

PrrrRRrrrrRRRrr ... Eevile is afoote this weeake, and Beware sudden misfortune which may sSsstRrike like the lightening hitting the Stricken Tower, burRrsting your bubble and sending you hurtling to Earthe. Welcome, Bienvenue, Bem Vindo to the Madhouse. All will Not run smoothly over coming days. You will rrReape the rRrewards of what ye have sown, and you may well find yourself confined to the Cattery if you continue to act like an evile and pestilent beastie. Follow the example of the young cub on the Nine of Swords, who is watching and praying lest the hour comes. But Dispaere ye not too much, my Sweets, foe there is a Brilliante light at the end of this darkened corridor. The Sun in it's full glory awaits you at the ende of the weeke, signifying an end to this gloomy and desperate time. Happiness and contentment shine down on the child and horse playing in the Garden of Eden - a happy reconciliation betweene you and your human with much love and affection is, therefore, On The Cards ... PrrrRRRrrrRRrr ...

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